Cerea FCP: innovation in Agriculture

Satellite observation of a field and prescription maps. The different colours indicate different stress conditions of the crop in various plot areas.

Cerea FCP introduces a new agronomic service based on the satellite observation of crops. The new approach aims to provide our clients an innovative and personalised service, with an eye to precision agriculture and agriculture 4.0, through the Sentinel 2 satellite monitoring system.

Without being phisically in the fields, it allows to monitor crop parameters (every 5 days) and to promptly identify the activities to perform:

  • inspections of specific areas of the field
  • rapid, targeted and effective interventions
  • an improved activity planning.

The Cerea FCP technical-agronomic office will be at the side of the farmer by offering adequate solutions and strategies, thanks to nutritional guidelines specially designed by Cerea FCP for every single crop and demand of the farmer.

With the use of a simple device (PC, Tablet or smartphone), Cerea FCP gives the farmer the opportunity to access a platform and monitor:

  • their own crop health,
  • the vegetative course/trend/progress with a 10m x 10m precision of plots,
  • the soil water status,
  • the creation of downloadable prescription maps (also on USB devices).

Cerea FCP believes that new technologies may shorten the distance between farmers and technicians, promoting a unique, innovative and effective experience.



For further information, please, contact us at the following addresses:

Massimo – Mobile: 334 6269063 / e-mail: massimo.rizzello@fcpcerea.it

Federico – Mobile: 348 1838005