Dulcedo is a powdered biostimulant rich in meso and microelements, which enhances ripening and the increase in the sugar content of fruits. The stimulating effect of vegetal polysaccharides helps the plant to handle stress conditions better. It is effective in foliar treatments which make the product promptly available for the plants.


  • It favours the processes of ripening increasing yield and reducing waste
  • It improves the quality of fruits increasing the Brix degree
  • It improves fruit consistency and its shelf-life thanks to the high content in calcium
  • It reduces the emergence of deficiencies and potential physiopathies because it contains all the microelements required by the plant
  • Better resistance to abiotic stresses thanks to the presence of polysaccharides in the formulation
  • Easy to use and miscible with the most common products employed in foliar treatments
Line: FuturaBiostimulants by nature


  • Ca
  • Mg
  • B
  • Cu
  • Mn
  • Zn




Product details


  • Calcium (CaO) soluble in water16%
  • Magnesium (MgO) soluble in water4%
  • Boron (B) soluble in water1%
  • Copper (CU) Complexed with LSA0.5%
  • Manganese (Mn) Complexed with LSA1%
  • Zinc (Zn) Complexed with LSA2%

Dosages of use

  • CropDosageApplication periodApplication type
  • citrus fruits2-4 kg/hafruit swellingFoliar
  • stone fruits3-5 kg/hafruit swellingFoliar
  • olive tree2-4 kg/hafruit swellingFoliar
  • ornamentals100-200 g/hlpre-cutFoliar
  • open field horticultural3-5 kg/hapost-fruit setFoliar
  • greenhouse horticultural2-4 kg/hapost-fruit setFoliar
  • pome fruits3-5 kg/hafruit swellingFoliar
  • grapevine3-5 kg/hafruit swellingFoliar
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