Organo-mineral fertilizer. Phosphorus solution complexed with betaines

EDAFOS contains an high titer of phosphorus complexed with betaines. EDAFOS has a starter action, promotes rooting, stimulates blossoming and strengthens the plant. The combined action of phosphorus and betaines makes the plant less susceptible to stressful conditions. EDAFOS thanks to the very acidic pH creates an optimal environment for the absorption of nutrients. If used on stone fruit after fruit setting, it stimulates the growth and the hardening of the stone. On the vine in post-setting it stimulates the elongation of the bunch.


  • Better root development, increase and synchronization of blossoming, better fruit set thanks to the high content of soluble and rapidly absorbable phosphorus;
  • High efficiency as the phosphorus complexed by the organic matrix is ​​not retrograded and leaching is limited;
  • Biostimulant action and protection from stress thanks to the presence of betaines;
  • It increases nutrition efficiency thanks to better root development and acid pH.
  • It can be mixed with all the most common products employed in fertigation.
Line: FuturaBiostimulants by nature


  • N
  • P




Product details


  • Nitrogen (N) Organic0,5%
  • Phosphate (P2O5) 40%
  • Organic matter 2,4%

Dosages of use

  • Crop Dosage Application period Application type
  • fruit trees 10-25 l/ha vegetative growth Foliar
  • grapevine 10-25 l/ha vegetative growth Foliar
  • greenhouse horticultural 10-30 l/ha after transplant Foliar
  • open field horticultural 10-30 l/ha after transplant Foliar
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