Synergist of treatments with anti-stress action

Allowed in organic farming

Verv is a product with a specific action, co-formulant of natural origin obtained by enzymatic hydrolysis, effective both in foliar application and in fertigation. Verv acts as a synergist of foliar and root treatments by exerting a surfactant, humectant, carrier and adhesive action. Verv also has a nutritional action, it rehydrates the plant tissues and helps the plant to overcome stress conditions.



  • Increases the effectiveness of foliar products (fertilizers and protection products), improving their distribution on the leaf (dispersing and humectant effect) and absorption (vehicle effect);
  • Reduces leaching of  protection products and dispersion in the environment (adhesive effect);
  • Reduces the effect of stress due to the use of protection products;
  • It is rapidly absorbed by the plant due to its vegetal origin.
Line: FuturaBiostimulants by nature


  • N
  • C




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Product details

Technical Data Sheet

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  • Nitrogen (N) 7%
  • di cui Nitrogen (N) Organic7%
  • Carbon (C) Organic20%
pH 5.6

Dosages of use

  • Crop Dosage Application period Application type
  • all crops 0,5% della soluzione fertirrigante vegetative development Fertigation
  • all crops 150-500 ml/hl pesticides Foliar
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