Fertilizer efficiency: fertilizing according to crop needs

The fundamental factors to take into account in order to obtain high-quality yields are: 

  • the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil;
  • the nutritional needs of different crops;
  • the time and moment of nutrient absorption of the plant. 

On the basis of such information, it is possible to develop a fertilization plan suitable for every crop. The next crucial step is to choose high quality and highly efficient fertilizers to add value and obtain satisfying and sustainable crops.

The use of traditional fertilizers involves a loss of nutrients by leaching, volatilization and retrogradation (in the case of nitrogen, losses may reach 45%, while phosphorus and potassium losses may get up to 75-80% due to insolubility and fixation in the soil). This inefficiency leads to environmental costs and highly reduces the production potential of crops

Moreover, intensive farming and crop rotations (same crops cultivated on the same soil one after the other for many years) cause soil fatigue and a consequent reduction of organic matter and microbial flora, elements that reduce the biological and physical fertility of the soil. Therefore, synchronizing the availability of nutrients according to plant needs becomes fundamental to reach high and quality yields.

Efficient fertilizers

Fertilizers with an improved efficiency are capable of regulating the nutrient release over time. This gradual release may be obtained through:

  • the use of products with particular formulations such as urea formaldehyde and organic nitrogen: slow relase molecules which require the help of microorganisms to mineralize and release nitrogen;
  • the coating of the granule with a waterproof material (physical barrier);
  • NUECR4® technology based on cationic retention.

The fertilizers developed with the NUECR4® technology by Cerea FCP show an improved efficiency and meet crop needs effectively, by releasing nutrients in a controlled and continuous way. 

Thanks to the cationic retention, once distributed on the soil, the fertilizer hydrates, nitrogen solubilizes and replaces the cations present in the NUECR4® molecule within the granule. In this way, the release of cations takes place gradually and the plant can use the elements according to its needs in a more efficient way.

Our nutrient efficiency line

The NUECR4® technology family present two products with different matrices: 

  • Blurain, a mineral product with a high content of nitrogen and sulphur;
  • Cereawin, an organo-mineral product containing nitrogen and organic carbon with a high nutritional value.

Both products are capable of exchanging and releasing cations according to plant needs.

Among the Cerea FCP products, we offer other mineral NPK formulations with an improved nitrogen efficiency:

  • Mastercote, a mineral product with 12% of coated urea, ensuring a controlled release of the nutrient; 
  • Control, a mineral compound NPK formulation, containing 5% of urea formaldehyde and favouring a slow nitrogen release.

NUECR4® technology and the specific nitrogen-based formulations are the ideal solutions for a targeted and effective nutrition. Improving the efficiency of fertilizers allows a correct nutrition of crops, avoiding nutrient losses and an extensive use of fertilizers. These aspects ensure yield and a high quality crop in a sustainable way.