Innovation in agriculture


Liquid fertilizers based on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and meso elements. The Leaf line presents various formulations able to satisfy the nutritional needs of crops in different phenological stages.


Innovation in agriculture

Each Leaf product contains high-quality materials and it is formulated with agents that improve absorption, eliminating the risk of plant phytotoxicity.

Moreover, they offer high practicality of use in the field.

The liquid formulation makes them suitable for both foliar and fertigation applications.

Leaf family fertilizers are available in 5, 20 and 1.000 L tanks.

All products Leaf

Leaf N-Fast


Leaf N-Fast is a nitrogen liquid fertilizer. Ureic nitrogen is readily absorbed by plants. Nitrogen plays an essential role in protein synthesis and in the enzymatic activities of the plant. Magnesium complexed with LS has a fundamental role in photosynthesis and in the production of glucides and lipids. Sulphur, together with nitrogen, favours the synthesis of sulphurated amino acids.


  • ureic nitrogen to guarantee an efficient and rapid absorption
  • balanced ratio among sulphur, magnesium and nitrogen to support the whole crop cycle
  • magnesium complexed with LS to support photosynthesis
  • N/S ratio developed to enhance late intakes and to improve protein synthesis
  • fertilizer unities 4 times more effective if administered by foliar application
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf S-Quality


Leaf S-Quality is a liquid fertilizer which provides nitrogen and sulphur easily assimilable. Leaf S-Quality acts as coformulant with a tackifying, wetting and carrier action.


  • it favours protein accumulation in cereal crops
  • it increases oil yield in industrial crops
  • it increases the aroma of the grapes
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf P

PK liquid fertilizer

Leaf P is a liquid fertilizer containing potassium and magnesium phosphites. Leaf P activates plant’s defences, increases photosynthesis and blossoming, stimulates bud formation and improves root development. Ideal for extensive crops, fruit trees and horticultural crops.



  • Favours the development of crops since the earliest stages thanks to magnesium which increases photosynthesis and sugar transport, and to phosphorus which allows a better root development
  • Helps to limit production losses due to biotic and abiotic stress as a result of the presence of phosphites activating plants’ defences
  • Improves the quality of fruits by increasing sugar content and colour
  • Easy to use both in foliar application and fertigation, and miscible with all the main products generally used in both treatments
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf K

NK liquid fertilizer with low chlorine content

Leaf K is an NK liquid fertilizer totally soluble in water and containing potassium, a fundamental macroelement for sugar and starch accumulation. It is recommended for extensive crops, horticultural crops and fruit trees.



  • Allows plants to have a balanced development by limiting vegetative excesses and by reducing the risk of lodging and etiolation
  • Activates processes of maturation anticipating and synchronizing it
  • Improves the quality of fruits increasing sugar content and colour
  • Easy to use both in foliar application and fertigation
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf NP

NP liquid fertilizer with Manganese (Mn), and Zinc (Zn)

Leaf NP is an NP liquid fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, manganese and zinc. The presence of microelements supports photosynthesis and metabolism, and improves fruit colour. Ideal for fruit trees, horticultural and extensive crops.



  • Favours vegetative and root development by rapidly providing phosphorus, manganese and zinc to the plant
  • Allows to increase production since it leads to a major blossoming and fruit set, it synchronises fruit development and maturation
  • Easy to use both in foliar application and fertigation
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf NPK

NPK liquid fertilizer with Boron (B), Iron (Fe), and Molybdenum (Mo)

Leaf NPK is a liquid fertilizer containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, boron, iron and molybdenum with completely soluble raw materials and quickly absorbed by plants.



  • Increases the productivity of crops by improving fruit set and providing all the elements useful in the early development stages of fruits
  • Improves the quality of fruits, cereals and protein crops since it favours sugar and protein accumulation
  • Makes the absorption of products associated with it effective thanks to the subacidic pH
  • Easy to use both in foliar application and fertigation
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf N

Liquid simple mineral fertilizer urea-formaldehyde based

Leaf N

Leaf N is a liquid nitrogen-based fertilizer containing urea-formaldehyde, sulphur and boron. A third of the nitrogen is slowly released, therefore it is available for the plant over time. Sulphur contributes to the synthesis of amino acids and boron improves the fertility of flowers and the quality of fruits.



  • Increases the production thanks to the presence of nitrogen which is slowly released and favours crop development and stay green
  • Helps to overcome the most difficult development stages in spring caused by potential non-optimal conditions with an immediate greening effect
  • Improves the quality of fruits, increases the sugar content of cereals, the hectolitre weight of protein crops and the protein content as a result of the synergy between nitrogen and sulphur
  • Increases blossoming and fruit set thanks to the presence of boron
  • Easy to use both in foliar application and fertigation
LeafInnovation in agriculture