Innovation in agriculture


Liquid fertilizers based on nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and meso elements. The Leaf line presents various formulations able to satisfy the nutritional needs of crops in different phenological stages.


Innovation in agriculture

Each Leaf product contains high-quality materials and it is formulated with agents that improve absorption, eliminating the risk of plant phytotoxicity.

Moreover, they offer high practicality of use in the field.

The liquid formulation makes them suitable for both foliar and fertigation applications.

Leaf family fertilizers are available in 5, 20 and 1.000 L tanks.

All products Leaf

Leaf P-Ca

Specific formulation for size and quality

LEAF P-Ca contains a synergistic formulation of phosphorus and calcium bound together. LEAF P-Ca is effective at low dosages thanks to the high concentration of completely soluble phosphorus and calcium. LEAF P-Ca can be used both in the early stages, rooting and vegetative development, and in the stages of flowering, fruit set and fruit development (increasing size, uniformity, hardness and shelf life)


  • Greater size and quality of the fruit (uniformity, hardness and shelf life);
  • Synergistic formulation, bound and highly assimilable phosphorus and calcium;
  • Low dosages thanks to the high concentration of phosphorus and calcium (P 23.6% – Ca 6%) completely soluble;
  • Extremely versatile product that can be used in every phenological phase.
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf S-Quality

Promotes quality and protein content

LEAF S-QUALITY contains nitrogen and sulfur totally available for the plant making it effective even at low dosages. LEAF S-QUALITY contains faster nitrogen in the urea form and ammonia, more durable over time, which guarantee a balanced development of the crop. LEAF S-QUALITY also provides sulfur which, when applied on the leaf, favors the accumulation of proteins, oil yield and the aroma of wine. In fertigation, it acidifies the rhizosphere and promotes the absorption of nutrients.


  • It promotes quality by helping the accumulation of proteins, the yield in oil, the aroma of wine thanks to the balanced content of nitrogen and sulfur;
  • It increases productivity by stimulating the plant to absorb the nutrients present in the soil;
  • It is efficient at low doses, since nitrogen and sulfur are totally available to the plant.
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf N-Fast

Efficiency in nitrogen nutrition

LEAF N-FAST is a highly efficient liquid nitrogen fertilizer. Nitrogen in the urea form complexed with lignosulfonates is rapidly absorbed and is 4 times more effective. LEAF N-FAST increases productivity and quality, stimulates photosynthetic activity, vegetative development and the rapid transformation of nitrogen into enzymes and proteins.


  • Increase in productivity and quality, increase in photosynthetic activity, vegetative development and rapid transformation of nitrogen into proteins;
  • High efficiency nitrogen readily available;
  • No risk of phytotoxicity even at high dosages;
  • It improves the effectiveness of the combined products (fertilizers and/or pesticides), as, thanks to the ligninsulphonates, it has a wetting, tackifying and carrier effect.
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf K

Acid potassium for ripening

LEAF K stimulates ripening and uniforms it by increasing the color and the brix degree of the fruit. The particular formulation avoids overripening effects, maintaining the consistency of the fruit and of the shelf-life. LEAF K can be used in association with pesticides as having a sub-acidic pH does not reduce their effectiveness and persistence.


  • It stimulates ripening and makes it uniform by increasing the color and the brix degree;
  • It avoids over-ripening effects, maintaining fruit firmness and shelf-life;
  • It increases yields increasing the dry matter in the fruit;
  • It can be used in association with pesticides as having a sub-acidic pH does not reduce its effectiveness and persistence.
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf NPK

Complete nutrition for vegetative growth

LEAF NPK is characterized by a balanced formulation which facilitates the vegetative development of the crop. LEAF NPK contains molybdenum which favors a better absorption and use of nitrogen, iron in the form of chelates which stimulates photosynthesis and, in synergy with boron, determines better flowering and fruit set.


  • Stimulates a balanced vegetative development of the plant;
  • Optimal absorption and use of nitrogen thanks to the presence of molybdenum;
  • It has a greening action because the presence of chelated iron stimulates photosynthesis;
  • Versatility, it can be used both for foliar and root applications.
LeafInnovation in agriculture

Leaf N

Gradual nitrogen nutrition

LEAF N contains gradual release nitrogen which guarantees constant and long-lasting nutrition over time, avoiding vegetative excesses. LEAF N also provides sulfur and boron which increase the protein content, the oil yield and the aromatic profile of the grapes.


  • It increases production thanks to the presence of slow release nitrogen, which favors crop development and stay green;
  • It helps to overcome the most difficult development phases in spring due to non-optimal conditions with an immediate greening effect;
  • It improves fruit quality, increases the sugar level of cereals, increases the hectoliter weight of proteaginous plants and the protein content, thanks to the synergy between nitrogen and sulphur;
  • It promotes flowering and fruit setting due to the presence of boron;
  • Easy to use as it can be used both by foliar application and by fertigation.
LeafInnovation in agriculture