Biostimulants by nature


Family of liquid products containing active organic substances which stimulate the physiological process of the plant, promoting growth and productivity.


Biostimulants by nature

The Futura family falls into the category of biostimulants.
Biostimulants contain substances and/or microorganisms whose function is to stimulate natural processes to increase the absorption of nutrients, tolerance to abiotic stresses and crop quality.
The Futura biostimulants include products based on amino acids, algae extract and humic acids.
They are available in pack sizes of 1, 5, 25 and 1.000 L.

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Be-Start NP

7N+23P2O5+1ZN+3C-org, 3%glycine betaines

Be-Start NP is a liquid organo-mineral fertilizer, ideal for applications at transplant or during the vegetative growth (starter technique). It can also be used in fertigation and for seedlings during their transplant. It has a high content of soluble phosphorus, organic nitrogen, organic carbon and glycine betaines.


  • It favours root growth and helps vegetative development
  • Its particular formulation allows a controlled release of phosphorus
  • It increases the photosynthetic activity
  • It reduces the sensitivity to thermal, salt and water stresses
FuturaBiostimulants by nature



Dulcedo is a powdered biostimulant rich in meso and microelements, which enhances ripening and the increase in the sugar content of fruits. The stimulating effect of vegetal polysaccharides helps the plant to handle stress conditions better. It is effective in foliar treatments which make the product promptly available for the plants.


  • It favours the processes of ripening increasing yield and reducing waste
  • It improves the quality of fruits increasing the Brix degree
  • It improves fruit consistency and its shelf-life thanks to the high content in calcium
  • It reduces the emergence of deficiencies and potential physiopathies because it contains all the microelements required by the plant
  • Better resistance to abiotic stresses thanks to the presence of polysaccharides in the formulation
  • Easy to use and miscible with the most common products employed in foliar treatments
FuturaBiostimulants by nature


Physioactivator based on humic and fulvic acids

NaturBlack is a liquid biostimulant with a high content in humic and fulvic acids. Moreover, the presence of Boron favours flower fertility, flowering and fruit set. Employed in foliar treatments or fertigation, it stimulates the development of the root system and the vigorous growth of the plant.


  • It increases the absorption of nutrients thanks to the complexing and carrier capacity of humic acids
  • Greater vegetative growth which favours the uniformity of the plant and flowering
  • Overcoming of stress situations such as post-transplant and weeding
  • Increase in yield since it improves pollen fertility, flowering and fruit set
  • It enhances the absorption and the effectiveness of the products distributed in the mix
  • Easy to use and miscible with the most common products employed in foliar treatments or in fertigation
FuturaBiostimulants by nature

Giove Bio

Giove Bio is an organic straight fertilizer based on nitrogen, potassium and organic matter of vegetal origin, allowed in organic farming. The presence of amino acids with a low molecular weight and of peptides favours a balanced growth of the plant.

• It favours the development of crops increasing productivity
• It stimulates photosynthesis thanks to the amino acids with a low molecular weight
• It stimulates protein synthesis and provides energy to the plant thanks to organic nitrogen and carbon

FuturaBiostimulants by nature


NPK organic fertilizer of vegetal origin

Iride is a liquid fertilizer of vegetal origin, which can be used both in fertigation and foliar treatment. Organic phosphorus is made of phytates, which are promptly assimilable by the plant. Moreover, it contains 24% of humic acids acting as biostimulants of root development, enhancing nutrient absorption.


  • the highly assimilable phosphorus in the phytates improves plant nutrition and provides energy
  • a major stimulation of the root system, which improves nutrient absorption
  • increase in plant resistance against unfavourable conditions
  • it enhances the quality of yields
  • miscible with the most common products used in fertigation and foliar treatment
FuturaBiostimulants by nature


Organo-mineral fertilizer. Phosphorus solution complexed with betaines

Edafos is an organo-mineral liquid fertilizer based on phosphorus-betaines, applied in fertigation. Its formulation allows to reduce phosphorus retrogradation phenomena and betaines stimulate root hairs growth, increasing the root system efficiency.


  • it avoids stress from transplant and prevents stunting (arrested development)
  • it improves flowering and fruit set, increasing plant productivity
  • it increases root development and the absorption activity thanks to the presence of betaines
  • the organic matter in the fertilizer activates the soil microflora and improves fertility
  • miscible with the most common products used in fertigation
FuturaBiostimulants by nature


Straight mineral fertilizer. Thiosulphate potassium solution with humic acids

K-Fast is a liquid fertilizer based on thiosulphate potassium, activated with humic acids. Potassium favours a regular and uniform ripening of fruits, while sulphur acts as soil corrector, improving its physical and chemical structure and making nutrients available to the plant. Apply the product through fertigation.


  • biostimulant effect thanks to the humic acids
  • it guarantees a constant and balanced potassium nutrition, since thiolsulphate potassium is highly bioavailable
  • it improves the sugar content of the fruit and its Brix degree
  • it helps the plant to better handle abiotic stress conditions
  • the presence of sulphur corrects excesses of soil alkalinity-salinity, favouring the availability of nutrients
  • miscible with the most common products employed in fertigation
FuturaBiostimulants by nature


Protein hydrolysate with a high molecular weight. Co-formulant from enzymatic hydrolysis

Verv is a foliar co-formulant of natural origin obtained through enzymatic hydrolysis. The product contains overall more than 45% of amino acids and, specifically, medium-long chains of amino acids (peptides) with a surfactant, tackifying, humectant and carrier action. The enzymatic hydrolysis also releases laevorotatory amino acids (L-amino acids) with a phytostimulating effect that helps the plant under abiotic stress conditions (low or high temperatures, water stress…).



  • It promotes the absorption of nutrients and facilitates the distribution of products in combination with it thanks to its tackifying and carrier capacity
  • It improves the response of plants to abiotic stresses
  • It allows a balanced development of crops by increasing the productivity
  • It can be mixed with the most common products generally used in fertigation or foliar treatments (fungicides, herbicides and insecticides)
FuturaBiostimulants by nature

Verv Plus

Protein hydrolysate with a high molecular weight with Boron (B), Iron (Fe), and Zinc (Zn). Co-formulant from enzymatic hydrolysis

Verv plus is a protein hydrolysate of animal origin containing amino acids. It can be used both in foliar treatments and fertigation. It is a product based on nitrogen and organic carbon, enriched with boron, zinc and iron, thus meeting the nutritional needs of the plant in the various phenological stages. Verv Plus is allowed in organic farming.



  • It stimulates vegetative development, flowering and fruit set, improving the productivity
  • It reduces the risk of iron chlorosis and other physiopathies
  • It facilitates the distribution of products in combination with it thanks to its tackifying and carrier capacity
  • It improves the plant’s response to abiotic stresses
FuturaBiostimulants by nature


Organo-mineral nitrogen fertilizer in suspension

Giove is an organo-mineral nitrogen fertilizer, it contains organic raw materials of 100% vegetable origin and it can be applied by foliar application or fertigation.



  • Promotes crop development by increasing the productivity thanks to amino acids that stimulate photosynthesis, nitrogen that stimulates protein synthesis and organic carbon that provides energy to the plant
  • Helps the plant to prevent and recover from stress thanks to the presence of glutamine and lysine amino acids of vegetal origin
  • Conveys the foliar absorption of the other products used in the mixture
  • Miscible with all the main products that can be used in foliar or root application
FuturaBiostimulants by nature