Corrective mixed solution of calcium and magnesium salts

Calcito is a corrective with a low molecular weight carboxylic acids, activating as activator of the root system.



  • Rhizosphere corrector, it counteracts the excess of salts in the soil allowing optimal crop development
  • Helps to manage the salinity of the soil and nutrient solutions (fertigation)
  • Improves the quality of the production reducing the risk of physiopathies caused by Ca deficiency (bitter pit on pome fruits, leaf necrosis on lettuce, cracking skin on stone fruits and melon, apical rot on tomato…)
  • Increases the efficiency of fertilization promoting root absorption
  • Improves the absorption of the products distributed in the mix
Line: ReactiveThe meso & microelements force


  • Ca
  • Mg




Product details

Technical Data Sheet

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  • Calcium (CaO) soluble in water9%
  • Magnesium (MgO) soluble in water1%
pH 1.0

Dosages of use

  • CropDosageApplication periodApplication type
  • watermelon20-30 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • carrots20-30 l/hapost-emergenceFoliar
  • onion30-40 l/hapost-emergenceFoliar
  • strawberry25-35 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • lettuce15-30 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • marjoram15-30 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • melon20-30 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • potato15-25 l/hapost-emergenceFoliar
  • processing tomato35-45 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • table tomato35-45 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • chicory15-30 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • rocket salad15-30 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • celery15-30 l/haafter transplantFoliar
  • zucchini20-30 l/haafter transplantFoliar
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