Proser Ca

Calcium chloride solution

Allowed in organic farming

Proser Ca is a fluid fertilizer based on calcium and carboxylic acids that increase the consistency and elasticity of fruits and leaves. Recommended for horticoltural crops and fruit trees.



  • Improves the yield of crops as it promotes the accumulation of dry matter, proteins and starches
  • Increases the efficiency of fertilization because it favours root absorption
  • Facilitates the recovery of the crop after the occurrence of environmental stress as it activates the secondary metabolism
  • Allows to have healthier plants thanks to a more balanced development, a greater tissue consistency and the activation of the plant’s defenses
  • Improves the production quality reducing the risk of physiopathies caused by Ca deficiency (bitter pit on pome fruits, leaf necrosis on lettuce, cracking skin on stone fruits and melon, apical rot on tomato…)
  • Improves the absorption of the products distributed in the mix
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  • Ca




Product details

Technical Data Sheet

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  • Calcium (CaO) soluble in water12,5%
pH 3.0

Dosages of use

  • CropDosageApplication periodApplication type
  • citrus fruits3-4 l/ha (almeno 250 ml/hl)post-fruit setFoliar
  • other fruit trees3-4 l/ha (almeno 250 ml/hl)post-fruit setFoliar
  • other horticultural crops200-400 ml/hlpost-fruit setFoliar
  • cereals2-3 l/haherbicidesFoliar
  • stone fruits3-4 l/ha (almeno 250 ml/hl)post-fruit setFoliar
  • floriculture400 ml/hlafter sowingFoliar
  • strawberry200-400 ml/hlpost-fruit setFoliar
  • lettuce200-400 ml/hlvegetative developmentFoliar
  • melon200-400 ml/hlpost-fruit setFoliar
  • leaf horticultural200-400 ml/hlvegetative developmentFoliar
  • pepper200-400 ml/hlpost-fruit setFoliar
  • poinsettia300 ml/hlbefore blossomingFoliar
  • pome fruits3-4 l/ha (almeno 250 ml/hl)post-fruit setFoliar
  • tomato200-400 ml/hlpost-fruit setFoliar
  • celery200-400 ml/hlvegetative developmentFoliar
  • zucchini200-400 ml/hlpost-fruit setFoliar
  • pistachio2-4 l/havegetative developmentFoliar
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