Evolution 56


Nitrogen-based granular fertilizer with activator

Evolution 56 is a granulated nitrogen-based fertilizer activated with amino acids obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis. It has a high sulphur content which, in synergy with nitrogen, guarantees a higher protein content in many crops. The activated formulation (urea nitrogen plus ammoniacal nitrogen) allows a gradual and progressive release of nitrogen; the ammonia fraction is already available from the first vegetative phases, while urea nitrogen will become available in the forms assimilable by the plant at a later stage. Evolution 56 is soluble, and this improves nitrogen absorption. Its formulation increases the absorption of potassium, the organoleptic qualities of plants, the efficiency of use of nutritive elements and it respects the environment.

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Technical Data Sheet

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  • Nitrogen (N) 38%
  • di cui Nitrogen (N) Ureic32%
  • di cui Nitrogen (N) Ammoniacal6%
  • Sulphur (SO3) soluble in water18%
Activated with amino acids obtained from enzymatic hydrolysis

Dosages of use

  • CropDosageApplication period
  • sunflower200-300 kg/hatop dressing
  • soft wheat200-400 kg/hatop dressing
  • durum wheat200-400 kg/hatop dressing
  • corn400-500 kg/hatop dressing
  • barley200-400 kg/hatop dressing
  • sorghum250-350 kg/hatop dressing
  • potato400-600 kg/hatop dressing
  • artichoke300-500 kg/hatop dressing
  • carrots250-350 kg/hatop dressing
  • fennel200-300 kg/hatop dressing
  • lettuce150-250 kg/hatop dressing
  • chicory150-250 kg/hatop dressing
  • citrus fruits300-400 kg/habeginning of flowering
  • olive tree300-400 kg/habeginning of flowering
  • table grape200-300 kg/havegetative growth
  • tomato300-500 kg/haafter transplant
  • pepper300-500 kg/haafter transplant
  • aubergine300-500 kg/haafter transplant
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