Nitrogen-based granular slow-release fertilizer

StarSlow is an NP granular fertilizer obtained by blending ureic nitrogen stabilized with NBPT. This is a molecule that inhibits the activity of urease enzyme in the soil, reducing losses by volatilization up to 30%. NBPT is applied to the granules through a coating process which allows to cover them uniformly, increasing their effectiveness.
StarSlow has a high phosphorus content which is water-soluble and easy to be absorbed by the plant.
It is ideal for pre-sowing or localized applications.

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  • N
  • P
  • Mg




Technical Data Sheet

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  • Nitrogen (N) 30%
  • di cui Nitrogen (N) Ureic24%
  • di cui Nitrogen (N) Ammoniacal6%
  • Phosphate (P2O5) soluble in neutral ammonium citrate and water15%
  • di cui Phosphate (P2O5) soluble in water14%
  • Magnesium (MgO) 2%
Inhibitor of urease: NBPT

Dosages of use

  • CropDosageApplication period
  • sunflower150-250 kg/hapre-sowing
  • soft wheat250-350 kg/hapre-sowing
  • durum wheat250-350 kg/hapre-sowing
  • corn350-450 kg/hapre-sowing
  • barley250-350 kg/hapre-sowing
  • sorghum250-350 kg/hapre-sowing
  • artichoke300-400 kg/hapre-transplant
  • carrots200-300 kg/hapre-sowing
  • fennel150-250 kg/hapre-transplant
  • lettuce100-200 kg/hapre-transplant
  • chicory100-200 kg/hapre-sowing
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