Nano.T Fe

Iron fertilizer solution

Nano.t Fe® aims to be a new approach to the world of plant nutrition: with a lower nutrient intake, the same results are achieved. It is characterized by a higher effectiveness and a lower environmental impact as compared to iron-based conventional fertilizers.


  • It improves the productivity and quality of production by avoiding chlorosis due to iron deficiencies
  • It prevents future chlorosis as it allows the plant to generate reserves
  • It increases the effectiveness of iron because it is not photosensitive and it is not deactivated by the soil
  • It improves the effectiveness of fertilization thanks to the acidic pH and the ability to stimulate the root development of the plant
  • reduces the environmental impact as it is not leachable
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  • Fe




Product details

Technical Data Sheet

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  • Iron (Fe) 3%
  • di cui Iron (Fe) soluble in water2%
Ph 1.3

Dosages of use

  • CropDosageApplication periodApplication type
  • citrus fruits5-7 L/havegetative growthFertigation
  • stone fruits4-5 L/havegetative growthFertigation
  • kiwi4-5 L/havegetative growthFertigation
  • apple tree4-5 L/havegetative growthFertigation
  • ornamentals3-7 g/m2vegetative developmentFertigation
  • open field horticultural300-400 g/1000m2vegetative developmentFertigation
  • greenhouse horticultural300-600 g/1000m2after transplantFertigation
  • pear tree4-5 L/havegetative growthFertigation
  • small fruits2-3 L/havegetative growthFertigation
  • grapevine3-4 L/havegetative growthFertigation
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