Glycos Plus

Promoter of coloring and brix degree

Glycos plus is a specific product to promote and uniform the color and brix degree of fruits. Glycos plus has a formulation based on amino acids and potassium designed to induce fruit ripening while maintaining its shelf life. Glycos plus also contains boron which promotes the absorption of potassium and amplifies its effectiveness.


  • Promotes and uniforms fruit color, increases quality and optimizes harvesting;
  • I increase the brix degree of the fruit (sugar content) improving its shelf life;
  • Maintains shelf life as it does not over-ripen the fruit;
  • Easy to use, it can be applied mixed with all the main foliar products
Line: FuturaBiostimulants by nature


  • N
  • K
  • C
  • B




Product details

Technical Data Sheet

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  • Nitrogen (N) 5%
  • di cui Nitrogen (N) Organic3%
  • di cui Nitrogen (N) Ureic2%
  • Potassium (K2O) soluble in water9%
  • Carbon (C) Organic8%
  • Boron (B) soluble in water0,25%

Dosages of use

  • Crop Dosage Application period Application type
  • apple tree 3-4 kg/ha before harvest Foliar
  • apricot 3-4 kg/ha before harvest Foliar
  • cherry 3-4 kg/ha before harvest Foliar
  • citrus fruits 3-4 kg/ha before harvest Foliar
  • grapevine 2-3 l/ha veraison Foliar
  • melon 2-3 l/hl fruit swelling Foliar
  • peach tree 3-4 kg/ha before harvest Foliar
  • pear tree 3-4 kg/ha before harvest Foliar
  • processing tomato 4 kg/ha before harvest Foliar
  • small fruits 0,4 kg/ha before harvest Foliar
  • table grape 2-3 l/ha veraison Foliar
  • table tomato 0,2-0,3 kg/hl fruit swelling Foliar
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