Highly concentrated activator of humic acid extracts

Allowed in organic farming

NATURBLACK is a concentrate of humic extracts (28% of which 22% humic and 6% fulvic) with an activating action on the plant. NATURBLACK applied on the leaves has an auxin-like physioactivating action that is particularly strong in situations of high stress for the plant (weeding, sudden changes in temperature, pruning, hail, etc). NATURBLACK used in fertigation stimulates rooting, counteracts post-transplant stress of seedlings, promotes the absorption of nutrients blocked in the soil, improves soil structure and it is an ideal substrate for the proliferation of useful soil microorganisms. NATURBLACK, having an acidic pH, is optimal both in combination with pesticides and other fertilizers.


  • Stimulates the growth and development of the plant by activating its metabolism;
  • It has an anti-stress effect for the plant (transplant, weeding, sudden changes in temperature, pruning, hail, frost);
  • Promotes rooting and facilitates the absorption of nutrients present in the soil;
  • Improves the physicial fertility of the soil (structure) and the biological fertility, by promoting the development of useful microorganisms in the soil;
  • Improves the effectiveness of the products combined with it (fertilizers, pesticides) thanks to the acidic pH.
Line: FuturaBiostimulants by nature


  • N
  • C




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Product details

Technical Data Sheet

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  • Carbon (C) Organic30% (sul secco)
  • Carbon (C) Organic60% (estraibile su C-org totale)
  • Carbon (C) Organic60% (umificato su C-org estraibile)
  • Organic nitrogen on dry weight 0,5%
  • Organic matter on dry weight 90%
  • Organic matter 60% (estraibile in % sulla sostanza organica)
  • Organic matter 60% (umificata in % sulla sostanza organica)
pH 4.0 - 4.5

Dosages of use

  • Crop Dosage Application period Application type
  • all crops 3 - 5 l/ha after transplant Fertigation
  • asparagus 3 l/ha post-harvest Fertigation
  • cereals 1 - 2 l/ha herbicides Foliar
  • fruit trees 1 - 2 l/ha vegetative growth Foliar
  • grapevine 1 - 1,5 l/ha vegetative growth Foliar
  • greenhouse horticultural 100 - 150 ml/hl after transplant Foliar
  • greenhouse horticultural 300-1000 ml/1000m2 after transplant Fertigation
  • hazelnut 3-5 l/ha vegetative growth Fertigation
  • horticultural 200 ml/hl sowing/transplant Roots bath
  • olive tree 1-2 l/ha vegetative growth Foliar
  • open field horticultural 1 - 1,5 l/ha after transplant Foliar
  • stone fruits 5 L/ha vegetative growth Fertigation
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